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Welcome speech for annual day

Each morning when I put on my Head Girl identification, I am helped to remember the duty, difficulties and initiative I involve. Despite the fact that Yr 12 is regularly portrayed as chaotic, for me it has been a time of incredible disclosures. Where I have gained from positive and negative encounters, found out about myself and my friends, and picked up the obtained information I should carry on for the start of my grown-up life. At the point when I think about the Student Council group this year, I see a gathering of energetic youthful grown-ups who can cooperate in rolling out positive improvements all through the school.Their quality, excitement and energy has been reviving and helped us during that time's obstacles. My encounters at Leeming Senior High School have molded me into the Year 12 Student I am today and I thank the educators, understudies and school for all they have contributed. â€Å"Ability is nothing without circumstance' I have been given incalculable chances to upgrade my administration abilities and workshop my enthusiasm for dramatization. I have gone to different initiative camps, for example, the Sir Charles CourtLeaders Program in 2009 and the Amanda Young Leaders Eco-Summit in 2010. Both these camps not just showed me how to build up my initiative characteristics yet in addition bring these abilities out into the network, and particularly our school. My contribution in the yearly school creations, ‘Summer of the Aliens' in 2009, ‘Ziggy's Bar †A Cabaret' in 2010 and the current year's ‘A Dream Deferred'; can be described by the words: otherworldly, passionate and on occasion, groundbreaking. IVe come to accept the fact of the matter is the most significant blessing you can impart to other people.Who you are and what you do is extremely valuable. Offering my encounters and administration to the remainder of LSHS, the class of 2011 and inevitably the remainder of the world, has and is one of my objectives. My acco unts. My certainties. With the goal that we may all come to see each other somewhat better. With the goal that we may all locate our own meaning of being fruitful. With the goal that our age will be set up to lead. I leave you with one final statement from Nelson Mandela, â€Å"Sometimes it falls upon an age to be extraordinary. You can be that age. â€Å"

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Week 2 - Team C A ssignment Essays - Business Economics, Economy

Week 2 - Team C A ssignment Essays - Business Economics, Economy Week 2 - Team C A ssignment A CC/4 00 November 2 , 2015 Imprint Tischler Figure 2: T-represents Assume table is done and sold Figure 3: Time Tickets and Materials Requisition Form Figure 5: T-represents Assume table is done and sold, shelves are done and China Cabinet is n ot wrapped up This learning group learning movement expected us to stroll through the reproduction of employment request costing process for a producer of a specially crafted furniture that makes three distinct household items - table, bo alright retires and china cupboards. We strolled through the assembling procedure of a table, shelf, and a china bureau and move through just as the comparing stream of expenses through the bookkeeping frameworks and the T accounts. We were likewise required to follow the expenses of direct materials, direct work and assembling overhead. Some portion of this procedure was rounding out work cost sheets so as to precisely follow three unique employments (table, shelves, and china bureau ) . This procedure permitted our group to comprehend the whole creation process from crude materials to completed products just as seeing how to these expenses are treated in the bookkeeping framework. Employment request costing frameworks are utilized for ventures that are one of a kind, custom, and non-tedious. The main role of action put together costing framework centers with respect to creating increasingly precise expenses and is utilized by a few organizations that produce uniquely crafted, non-mass items item (for example hand crafted tables, or personal jets). When figuring costs for work request costing, overhead expenses are dispensed to every individual activity, while direct expenses are followed. In our model, first, the crude materials (both immediate and backhanded) were bought from outside providers and spot d in the crude material stockroom. At that point, direct work cost s including two representatives ( one (Employee An) in cutting and another (Employee B) in completing divisions) were followed by utilizing the time tickets. The immediate materials are additionally followed by utilizing the materia ls demand structure, in which the immediate work laborer demand s the materials (for instance wood, glass and so forth ) expected to start the work on a specific activity. To finish the activity cost sheet, producing overhead should be allotted. In an ordinary costing framework, a foreordained overhead rate is utilized assessed by the organization. A foreordained overhead rate is controlled by separating all out overhead by real direct work hours. This overhead rate is then applied the quantity of direct work hours brought about by each activity. On the off chance that the applied overhead sums are more than genuine, at that point we have over applied overhead. These sums will in general equalization our from month to month, and the measure of over or under applied overhead at the year-end is normally not material and the parities might be shut legitimately to the expense of merchandise sold in the pay proclamation. A significant movement of designating overheads in work request cost framework includes choosing an action base which depends on real reason or driver of the Company to expend the assets. This is significant as certain items require less movement while others require more. For offices that are increasingly capital serious, machine hours ought to be utilized as an allotment base, while for physical work escalated offices, direct work hours ought to be utilized as a distribution base. This is a significant part of distribution overhead in movement based costing, as exercises that cause or drive overhead, called cost drivers must be appropriately decided. In this reenactment, we were at that point given applied assembling overhead and utilized direct work hours as a driver of for completing office and machine hours as a dr iver for the cutting division. Opposite of action based costing, a plant-wide cost driver is ideal to utilize while dispensing the entirety of the organization's overheads to its creation yield. Plant wide rate is the sum per machine hour, work hour, or a level of item's immediate expenses. References: Electronic Reading: Job Order Costing, a recreation and vehicle for theoretical conversation; got from University of Phoenix Website Williams, J. R., Haka, S. F., Bettner , M. S., Carcello , J. V. (2015). Monetary administrative bookkeeping: The reason for business choices (seventeenth ed ). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Companies

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Alcohol Intoxication and Injury Risk

Alcohol Intoxication and Injury Risk February 07, 2020 Getty Images More in Addiction Alcohol Use Binge Drinking Withdrawal and Relapse Children of Alcoholics Drunk Driving Addictive Behaviors Drug Use Nicotine Use Coping and Recovery Injuries are the leading cause of death for people under the age of 45 and the fourth leading cause of death overall. Each year thousands of people die from injuries and an estimated one in three suffer some type of nonfatal injury that sends them to the emergency room. Unfortunately, alcohol plays a role in far too many of these fatal and nonfatal injuries, whether they be traffic fatalities; nonfatal auto crashes; fires or burns; hypothermia or frostbite; or completed suicides. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of trauma in two ways: the likelihood of being injured and an increased seriousness of the injury. It stands to reason that if someone is intoxicated enough to slur their speech or not be able to walk straight, they are at greater risk of incurring an injury. Higher Risk of Accident and Injury Numerous studies have reported that those who abuse alcohol are more likely than sober people to become involved in a traumatic event. Heavy drinkers have an even higher risk of having an accident than those who do not drink. Although there are some scientists who dispute the claim, several studies have found that intoxicated persons are more likely to be injured more seriously than sober people even in nontraffic-related injuries. Drinkers Have More Serious Injuries Researchers do not understand what exact factors contribute to the findings that alcohol contributes to more serious injuries, and one study disputes those findings, but the consensus is that the belief that intoxicated people are less likely to be hurt in a crash because they are so relaxed, is not backed up by evidence. The role that alcohol has in injuries is not fully known because very few emergency room patients are routinely tested for blood-alcohol content (BAC). Although health officials have suggested that all injury patients be assessed for alcohol consumption, research shows that it is rarely done. Few E.R. Patients BAC Checked Even when the injured person was the driver of the car that crashed, one study found that only about a fourth of those involved in vehicle crashes are tested for BAC. Another national survey found that just over half of trauma centers routinely tested patients for blood alcohol. Although data on alcohol-related injuries are incomplete, the statistics we do have are staggering. Researchers have reported a steady increase among U.S. college students in alcohol-related deaths, heavy drinking, and drunk driving. The increase in deaths, particularly among 18 to 24-year-olds, was mostly due to traffic injuries. To Many Alcohol-Related Deaths The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates, based on 2006-2011 data, that on average, alcohol is a factor in the deaths of 4,358 young people under age 21 each year. Those deaths include: 1,580 deaths from motor vehicle crashes1,269 from homicides245 from alcohol poisoning, falls, burns, and drowning492 from suicides A Death Every 51 Minutes The CDC reported that in 2011 alone, about 188,000 young people under age 21 visited emergency facilities for alcohol-related injuries, a number which is probably low because of the lack of BAC testing in many E.R. settings. Surveys have found that almost 30 people die every day in the U.S. in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver â€" about one death every 51 minutes. 97,000 Sexual Assaults Per Year Other studies have found alcohol takes a huge toll among U.S. college students: 1,835 students aged 18-24 die each year from alcohol-related injuries.700,000 students are assaulted each year by another drinking student.97,000 students 18-24 experience alcohol-related sexual assault or date rape. These statistics do not include other, non-injury problems alcohol can cause students by leading to poor judgment about engaging in risky behavior. These are tragic, unacceptably high rates, says Ralph W. Hingson, Sc.D., director of the NIAAA Division of Epidemiology and Prevention Research. There is an urgent need for colleges and college communities to put in place prevention and counseling programs that focus on underage and young adult drinking.

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Exploration of expanded access of investigational products - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 984 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/10/10 Did you like this example? Question 1 Should the public have a right to investigational treatment outside expanded access, defend your choice? Expanded access or the compassionate use refers to the outside usage of a clinical trial of an investigational medical product that is the medical product that has not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration FDA. Food and Drug Administration Expanded Access is legislation that aims at providing seriously ill patients who have exhausted the available treatments options and thus have no other comparable standard treatment option to gain access to biological agents and investigational drugs. FDA was enacted by the United States Congress to prohibit the sale of misbranded, mislabeled, or adulterated foods and drugs in interstate commerce. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Exploration of expanded access of investigational products" essay for you Create order According to the author’s opinion, the public should have a right to investigational treatment outside expanded access. Some patients are not eligible for clinical trials and thus outside expanded access can lead to major inventions of medical products. Ordinarily, investigational drugs may be used under controlled trial. Investigational medical products to be used by a patient as part of the clinical trial is preferable since the trial can generate crucial data that may lead to the approval of medical products; a good example is the case of Josh Hardy (Kroll, 2015). Patients with no ongoing clinical trials or are not eligible for any clinical trials can receive the medical product through expanded access when appropriate. As much as the public have the right to investigational drugs, they should strive to balance between the need and patient safety. The right to investigational treatment outside expanded access can lead to the invention of medical products useful for healing rare diseases with no treatment options as the same time can be dangerous to the patients’ health (Mahady, 2015). That is why the balance between patient safety and need should be emphasized. There has been a lot of conflict between FDA and the Abigail Alliance about when is a drug safe for use. Abigail Alliance blames FDA by saying that it should make drugs accessible on the first stage of development. Each person, if she or he shows the willingness   to undertake investigational treatment outside expanded access should be allowed to do so under close check by a highly qualified physician (â€Å"Food and Drug Administration,† 2016). Question 2 What are the implications of expanded access on drug development from the pharma and FDA perspective? Abigail Alliance claims that FDA makes drugs available for terminally ill patients at early stages of testing. The FDA perception on implications of expanded access on drug development is that it can lead to more useful data that may lead approval of the medical products and their improvement. FDA has facilitated access to investigational drugs to treat patients with serious and immediately life-threatening diseases or conditions with no therapeutic alternatives. Expanded access programs are majorly restricted to patients ailing from serious or life-threatening diseases and have exhausted all standard treatment options and are not eligible to enroll in clinical trials since they don’t meet the inclusion criteria. Pharma companies supply investigational drugs at no cost. This is likely to result in financial issues that are likely to face pharmaceutical companies. Pharma has the perception that supply of unapproved drugs can lead to legal acts being taken against them. The pharma and the FDA have in mind that the drug administered for trial and research purposes can benefit some patients, others experience no effect, and some patients can be harmed by the drug. The pharma and the physicians are faced with difficulties when prescribing drugs that are to be used for the first time. Therefore, from fear of overdose they may prescribe less dosage which has no impact on the ailing patients when the same medicine if properly prescribed could offer significant healing (Ross, 2009). Some patients can refuse to take drugs which have not yet been approved as safe for use. Expanded access gives crucial data that help weigh the benefits and risks of the medical product. Question 3 Are the FDA regulations and guidance in place for expanded access sufficient in both protecting the public’s safety and also addressing the ethical concern of allowing patients with severe or life-threatening diseases the option to have access to an investigational product where the benefits and risks are still being explored? FDA has outlined set of regulations and guidance that govern on how medical products under investigation are being administered to patients with severe, life-threatening conditions. FDA has these regulations in place to ensure a balance between benefits and risk that can be associated with investigational drugs (â€Å"Food and Drug Administration,† 2016). According to the opinion of the author, the FDA regulations and guidance set in place for expanded access are sufficient in protecting the public safety and addressing the ethical concerns of patients suffering from severe, life-threatening diseases. For example, the Abigail Alliance once send a proposal to the FDA   suggesting that drugs should be made available to the patients with severe, life-threatening illness for purchase after the earliest testing stage. The FDA declined the proposal, one of the FDA regulations and guidance require three to four stages of medical product testing before it can be sold to the public ( Jacobson Parmet, 2007). The act of rejecting the proposal from Abigail Alliance shows that FDA is committed to ensuring the safety of the public. It is more dangerous to make medical products under testing and research available to the public in its initial stages; this poses more risks as compared to the benefits. Making a drug available to the public at its first stage of development poses a great risk to the public safety. The drug can have great negative impacts than positive impacts and thus harm a large group of people since it is not under controlled testing. FDA rejecting Abigail Alliance proposal proves that its regulations and guidance is sufficient to protect the public and patients with severe life threatening illness.

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Conjugation of the Spanish Verb Jugar

Jugar is a common verb usually meaning to play. Its conjugation is irregular in two ways: The -u- in the stem changes to -ue- when stressed.Like other verbs that end in -gar, the -g- changes to -gu- when it comes before an -e- in order to maintain the standard pronunciation. Jugar is unique in its conjugation. The few other verbs ending in -ugar do not follow its pattern. Irregular forms are shown below in boldface. Translations are given as a guide and in real life may vary with context. Infinitive of Jugar jugar (to play) Gerund of Jugar jugando (playing) Participle of Jugar jugado (played) Present Indicative of Jugar yo juego, tà º juegas, usted/à ©l/ella juega, nosotros/as jugamos, vosotros/as jugà ¡is, ustedes/ellos/ellas juegan (I play, you play, he plays, etc.) Preterite of Jugar yo juguà ©, tà º jugaste, usted/à ©l/ella jugà ³, nosotros/as jugamos, vosotros/as jugasteis, ustedes/ellos/ellas jugaron (I played, you played, she played, etc.) Imperfect Indicative of Jugar yo jugaba, tà º jugabas, usted/à ©l/ella jugaba, nosotros/as jugà ¡bamos, vosotros/as jugabais, ustedes/ellos/ellas jugaban (I used to play, you used to play, he used to play, etc.) Future Indicative of Jugar yo jugarà ©, tà º jugarà ¡s, usted/à ©l/ella jugarà ¡, nosotros/as jugaremos, vosotros/as jugarà ©is, ustedes/ellos/ellas jugarà ¡n (I will play, you will play, she will play, etc.) Conditional of Jugar yo jugarà ­a, tà º jugarà ­as, usted/à ©l/ella jugarà ­a, nosotros/as jugarà ­amos, vosotros/as jugarà ­ais, ustedes/ellos/ellas jugarà ­an (I would play, you would play, he would play, etc.) Present Subjunctive of Jugar que yo juegue, que tà º juegues, que usted/à ©l/ella juegue, que nosotros/as juguemos, que vosotros/as juguà ©is, que ustedes/ellos/ellas jueguen (that I play, that you play, that she play, etc.) Imperfect Subjunctive of Jugar que yo jugara (jugase), que tà º jugaras (jugases), que usted/à ©l/ella jugara (jugase), que nosotros/as jugà ¡ramos (jugà ¡semos), que vosotros/as jugarais (jugaseis), que ustedes/ellos/ellas jugaran (jugasen) (that I played, that you played, that he played, etc.) Imperative of Jugar juega tà º, no juegues tà º, juegue usted, juguemos nosotros/as, jugad vosotros/as, no juguà ©is vosotros/as, jueguen ustedes (play, dont play, play, lets play, etc.) Present Perfect Indicative of Jugar yo he jugado, tà º has jugado, usted/à ©l/ella ha jugado, nosotros/as hemos jugado, vosotros habà ©is jugado, ustedes/ellos/ellas han jugado (I have played, you have played, she has played, etc.) Pluperfect (Past Perfect Indicative) of Jugar yo habà ­a jugado, tà º habà ­a jugado, usted/à ©l/ella habà ­a jugado, nosotros/as habà ­amos jugado, vosotros habà ­ais jugado, ustedes/ellos/ellas habà ­an jugado (that I had played, that you had played, that he had played, etc.) Future Perfect Indicative of Jugar yo habrà © jugado, tà º habrà ¡s jugado, usted/à ©l/ella habrà ¡ jugado, nosotros/as habremos jugado, vosotros habrà ©is jugado, ustedes/ellos/ellas habrà ¡n jugado (I will have played, you will have played, she will have played, etc.) Present Perfect Subjunctive of Jugar yo haya jugado, tà º hayas jugado, usted/à ©l/ella haya jugado, nosotros/as hayamos jugado, vosotros hayà ¡is jugado, ustedes/ellos/ellas hayan jugado (that I have played, that you have played, that he has played, etc.) Past Perfect Subjunctive of Jugar yo hubiera/hubiese jugado, tà º hubieras/hubieses jugado, usted/à ©l/ella hubiera/hubieses jugado, nosotros/as hubià ©ramos/hubià ©semos jugado, vosotros hubierais/hubieseis jugado, ustedes/ellos/ellas hubieran/hubiesen jugado (that I had played, that you had played, that she had played, etc.) Conditional Perfect of Jugar yo habrà ­a jugado, tà º habrà ­as jugado, usted/à ©l/ella habrà ­a jugado, nosotros/as habrà ­amos jugado, vosotros habrà ­ais jugado, ustedes/ellos/ellas habrà ­an jugado (I would have played, you would have played, he would have played, etc.) Progressive Tenses of Jugar The many progressive tenses use the appropriate form of estar followed by the gerund, jugando. Sample Sentences Showing Conjugation of Jugar Los nià ±os espaà ±oles quieren jugar mà ¡s con sus padres. (Spanish children want to play more with their parents. Infinitive.) Es el partido mà ¡s importante que he jugado en mi vida. (Its the most important match Ive played in my life. Present perfect.) Los nià ±os juegan al escondite. (The children are playing hide-and-seek. Present indicative.) Me estoy jugando la vida profesional. (Im playing the professional life. Present progressive.) Ayer juguà © todo el dà ­a sin problemas. (Yesterday I played all day without any problems. Preterite.) Muchas veces jugamos mejores que ustedes. (We often play/played better than you. This sentence could be in either the present or the preterite tense, depending on the context.) Mis hijos jugaban en la calle mientras yo limpiaba la casa. (My children were playing in the street while I cleaned the house. Imperfect.) Yo estaba jugando en el parque central de la universidad. (I was playing in the universitys central park. Imperfect progressive indicative.) Si hubià ©ramos tenido mà ¡s tiempo, habrà ­amos jugado mejor. (If we had had more time, we would have played better. Conditional perfect.) Serà ¡s emparejado con un compaà ±ero con el que jugarà ¡s durante la duracià ³n de la ronda. (You will be paired off with a companion with whom you will play for the length of the round. Future.) Lo habrà © jugado mil veces, y nunca me cansa. (I will have played it 1,000 times, and I never get tired of it. Future perfect.) Su madre me garantizà ³ que à ©l siempre jugarà ­a a fondo. (His mother guaranteed me that he would always play his best. Conditional.) Busco un videojuego que juegues con otras personas. (Im looking for a videogame that you play with other people. Present subjunctive.) Tenà ­a un proyecto para desarrollar programas de cà ³mputo que jugaran ajedrez. (She had a project for developing computer programs to play chess. Imperfect subjunctive.)  ¡Juega a tope! (Play your best! Imperative.) Los nià ±os habrà ¡n estado jugando en el bosque. (The children will have been playing in the forest. Future progressive perfect.)

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Difference between Issues and Problems Free Essays

Some business managers mistakenly use the term â€Å"issue† and â€Å"problem† interchangeably; however, doing so may complicate the daily decision making processes by lumping all issues and problems together and possibly make a bad situation worse. Separating issues from problems helps to prevent smaller issues from becoming problems. This business practice is so important that there is an entire management discipline predictably called, â€Å"issue management† (IM). We will write a custom essay sample on Difference between Issues and Problems or any similar topic only for you Order Now The Dow Jones says that â€Å"successful issue management depends on addressing concerns before they become full blown problems. 1Therefore, it is deduced that issues are smaller, less threatening and require minimal effort to find resolution – but left unchecked could expose the organization to greater risk. There is an analogy to help put this concept into proper perspective – â€Å"forgetting your lunch is an issue, but losing your job is a problem. 2 Therefore, the difference between an Issue and a problem can be explained this way, â€Å"Problems are solved. Issues need to be resolved†¦. To solve is to explain and to resolve is to separate a thing into its component parts or elements, then determine a course of action. † How to cite Difference between Issues and Problems, Essay examples

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Breakthrough free essay sample

The paper quivered in the morning light, now beaming through the cracked blinds, it crinkled as sweaty palms clutched its edges-bleeding the peripheral text, as tears stained the dull thin paper. The paper quivered as I read that 500 word essay on page two of the Washington Post over and over again. It quivered as each and every word bore its way into my mind, as I desperately attempted to grasp this evanescent euphoria. Breakthrough. Yervoy. Melanoma. Ipilimumab. Prolong. Survive. Eight years too late, but the utterance comforted me. Between those lines of serif font, I could see the desolate image of my mother fading away, scarred skin sinking into a skeletal frame, all senses fading leaving only a feeble reminder of the toll six months of surgery and chemotherapy take. I could feel the weight of her absence and the desire for one more hour, day, week or month of her presence. We will write a custom essay sample on Breakthrough or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Between those lines of serif font, I could see a child pleading with fate for more time, as they watched their own parent slip away. I could see four to eight months from the breakthrough, a child’s nativity to loss preserved, an unconditional love untarnished by death. In that quivering paper, I found hope- hope that one day melanoma’s mordant agenda will be but a secluded musing buried behind triumphs and victories, hope that loved ones may live not only in our memories, but in our lives as a constant reminder of the progress that overcame death.